Overcoming Your Insecurities About Growing Up

Overcome Your Insecurities About Growing Up and Join the Secret Adulthood Club

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Ever feel like you’re the only person who hasn’t grown up? Overcome these insecurities by acknowledging you’re not the only one feeling this way.

As a child I couldn’t wait to “grow up.” All the adults around me were so much taller, so much smarter, and they always knew everything. Seriously. It was annoying. Despite this, I thought when I grew up I would know everything about everything. I would be let into the Secret Adulthood Club with a firm handshake and a pat on the back. Maybe there would be stickers. There would definitely be stickers, right?


There is no Secret Adulthood Club. No one knows what they are doing. I’m about 85%

According to this image, growing up means losing your eyebrows.

sure that no one actually knows what, exactly, a “grown up” really is. We’re all just stumbling around in the metaphorical darkness of life hoping we don’t crash into anything. Right? So, if none of us are actually “grown-ups,” then there is no secret club and – most devastatingly of all – there are no stickers.

I’ll let you have a moment.

Of course, there’s always a chance that people really do grow up and stuff, but I’m just not mature enough to be counted amongst this group of wise and knowledgeable people. The more I think about this theory, the more likely it seems. I have to say, I much prefer my first assumption. At least then I can take comfort in thinking that no one on the planet has their shit figured out either.

Do “grown-ups” really understand the grand mysteries of life, as I was led to believe? Do they all know how to do taxes? Change tires? Organise their time efficiently? Do they all have nine-to-five jobs they hate but pay the bills? Are they all born with this knowledge or did they somehow secretly acquire it? One day will I too wake up to discover I’ve somehow become a fully functioning adult?

In a quest to discover what the requirements of adulthood are, and if one even can grow up – since I’m still not sure about that–  I’m going to be documenting all my nonsensical musings and conspiracies right here on this humble blog.

I don’t know why the chair is so far from the desk. Adults truly are a mystery.

The first task… Is to overcome the sudden urge to make a Harry Potter reference. This is not the Triwizard Tournament, after all. I know, I know, I’m disappointed too guys.

The second task… Is to find out what google has to say about the complex concept of adulthood. After all, Google is an all-knowing source of knowledge and wisdom. Accordingly, we should trust that everything it tells us is true.

You’re telling me I’m wrong?

Anyway, Google states that an adult is someone who is fully grown or mature… Whatever that means. Seriously, just how do we know when we are “fully grown” or “mature?” This definition is just vague enough for me to feel justified in my earlier suspicions. As “adults” we all speak and act as if we know what we’re doing. The secret is that we are all completely clueless. I’m right, aren’t I?

So, if we’re all stuck in this world without a clue what we’re doing, I think we should join together and start our very own Secret Adulthood Club. All you need to do is admit you don’t know what you’re doing and you shall be welcomed with that handshake and pat on the back I always thought I’d get when I grew up. We don’t have stickers yet, but have faith, we will.

Stuff to look forward to in Adulthood – no faces and, in one woman’s case, no arms.

If you feel the same way about life and are absolutely baffled at how one can just “grow up” out of the blue, feel free to follow along as I express just how confused I am about all this too. If I’m wrong, and people actually do feel they’ve matured into world-weary adults – feel free to follow along anyway and laugh at my expense. Honestly, I wouldn’t blame you.

Question time:

  • Do you think adulthood is a lie your parents told you?
  • If not, then what exactly is “adulthood,” anyway?
  • Do any of you have any idea what you’re doing, ever?
  • Is the concept of “adulthood” just one big conspiracy?
  • If it is a conspiracy, PLEASE SHARE YOUR THEORIES.
  • Also, do you think the secret club needs a secret handshake?


9 thoughts on “Overcoming Your Insecurities About Growing Up

  1. I’m 22 and I still have no clue what I’m doing. I think we are given an illusion to live off of when we are in school and no one gives the hard cold truth on what we should really be looking forward to as adults. Once you are an adult you kind of just fumble around and get lost.

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    1. Tell me about it! One minute you’re considered a kid still in school, and the next you’re supposed to be an adult with all the answers. No one really wants to admit that it takes us everyone a bit of time to figure the whole “life” thing out. I personally just wish we could all be a little more honest about it. Being a bit lost is nothing to be ashamed of – especially since it seems like we’re all in the same boat.

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      1. Yess! Being lost and admitting that we are is not a bad thing. We go through different struggles yet we are all in similar situations. It’s all about how we approach each and everyone. I always love having a friend who knows the struggle of adulting then you have someone to vent to without having the whole “you’re too young to stress” or “You shouldn’t feel that way at your age”. It’s not even the age range that’s the problem it’s trying to match up to everyone else expectations of life. I think that’s the biggest struggle we have we are too busy following what everyone else suggests us to do and we don’t even think twice for ourselves.

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  2. At 35 my beard started to come and then I felt like an adult. Soon thereafter that feeling disappeared. 🙂 JK.
    Adulting can mean different things and trying to pin when and where that happens can lead to wasted time. You’ll lose time doing this and miss out on life.

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