How to Send Yourself to Bed

How to Go to Bed Earlier

Picture this: it’s the end of the day, you’ve had dinner, you’ve showered, and you’re ready for an early night. As you snuggle into your blankets, you think about watching the next episode of so-and-so on your laptop. Before you know it it’s well past midnight, you’re fallen down the rabbit hole of Netflix, and all thoughts of being well rested are well and truly … Continue reading How to Go to Bed Earlier

Learning How to Prioritise in Your 20s

Learning How to Prioritise in Your 20s

I used to think I was terrible at prioritising. There are just so many things that we’re supposed to do – eat healthy, sleep for at least eight hours every night, exercise regularly… I always assumed I was incapable of making myself do these things. I was prepared to accept myself as someone who was rather weak-willed and move on with my life. I’ve since … Continue reading Learning How to Prioritise in Your 20s

Finding Full-Time Employment Is Difficult – Background is a Laptop with Flowers and a Mug

Finding Full-time Employment is a Difficult Process

If you’ve been reading my blog from the beginning you’ll know that I’ve been having a hard time finding my first full-time job – especially following my graduation earlier this year. I’ve known that this is a difficult stage in a person’s life – after all, every acquaintance I’ve made in recent times has mentioned at some point or another how tough it is to … Continue reading Finding Full-time Employment is a Difficult Process

Feeling Sick During Sick

Feeling Sick during Easter

Image sourced from Hello all, Today’s post is going to be a short one. For the second time in two weeks, I’ve fallen sick. My head hurts, my throat aches and all I want to do is sleep. It’s not a lot of fun – though I’m sure that’s a rather obvious statement. Although being sick is physically terrible, I also think it’s come … Continue reading Feeling Sick during Easter

Ever Wonder Where The Day Went?

Regretting Unproductive Days

Image sourced from Do you ever have days where you have a whole bunch of stuff you’ve planned on doing, but you somehow don’t manage to accomplish any of it? It happens to me more often than I think it should. One minute it’s the morning and the next it’s night – and I’m not sure where the day went or how I even spent … Continue reading Regretting Unproductive Days